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Virtual Domains Email: How do you do it?

Hi all,

 I need to do email hosting for a large number of domains. My solution
consists in Postfix for the MTA, Cyrus for the LDA and IMP for the MUA.
Emails have to be accessible by POP as well.

 After some research, I came to the conclusion that each individual needed
to have an account under Cyrus as a local user. Let me explain. Let's say I
host email for john@example.com. The string "john@example.com" is not a
valid Cyrus username (mailbox in fact but you see my point). A translation
needs to takes place.

 I decided to replace the '@' by '~' and the '.' by '-'. This is where I
want some input. In my case, john@example.com becomes the user

 So in postfix virtual table I have

john@example.com	john~example-com

This way, all mail for john@example.com is accepted and redirected to the
local (cyrus) user john~example-com.

 I want to know how you guys do it. Is doing a simple s/\@/~/ and s/\./-/ a
good scalable way to work? I wonder.

 Now my next question is: if you can't have john@example.com as the
username, how do you manage to get the user to log on using his email
address instead of an ugly john~example-com?


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