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Re: colocation space/inexpensive bandwidth

We have colo available next to Level(3) ... we have
12 strands of fiber between us.   $1000 install
$500/rack/mo 1 meg BW included.  Additional BW
is available for $300/meg.  Our cabinets are the same
that Level(3) 23 in adjustable to 19 in wide 32 in deep.  We are in
Southfield (Detroit) Michigan is that close enough to


810 716 1700
www.lsl.com   we maintain over 100 curent CDs with
the various linux distributions.
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From: "Jeff S Wheeler" <jsw@five-elements.com>
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Sent: Tuesday, June 05, 2001 12:00 PM
Subject: colocation space/inexpensive bandwidth

> Since we're on the topic of colocation space this morning, I thought I
> post and ask if anyone has colocation cabinet space available at a
> or similar facility.  Currently we colocate with a small ISP and are very
> happy with their service, but we would like to be able to offer better
> pricing to our customers.  However, when last I spoke with L(3) sales
> their cabinets were 1000$/mo, with an added 2000$/mo minimum expenditure
> bandwidth/private line services per cabinet.  This is too much for us, but
> if someone has a few U available someplace that prices bandwidth in the
> 400$/Mbit or less range, I would be very interested in consuming that
> space (for a fee, of course) and taking advantage of your bandwidth
> :-)
> Anyone near Minneapolis/Chicago/Louisville/Cincinnati would be preferable
> well, as currently we maintain our own equipment, and have no need to
> a pair of "remote hands" to know what they are doing.  In those areas we
> continue to have this benefit.
> - jsw
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