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Re: pptp VPN masqarading

On Sat, Jun 02, 2001 at 01:06:24PM +0000, Alex wrote:
> There is some strange behaviour upon masqarading a pptp connection to a
> win2k server holding some erp services and stuff.....
> Basically, the damned firewall is not masqing the pptp traffic and i
> consistently folowed the how-to on the matter. I used ipfwd to the
> correct services, I actually tried opening up the whole firewall to see
> what happens. Everything works but incomming pptp trafic.
> Now, im wondering that since pptp data comes through the gre ip service,
> maybe i shouldve enabled gre tunneling in the kernel. The how to does
> not mention that i have to enable it but it does mention that pptp works
> through this protocol......so.... anyone has had experience with this
> kind of trouble?

Are you using the VPN Masquerade patch?
It can be found at:


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