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Re: Maildir vs mbox

Cameron Moore <lists@toad.bitstreet.net> writes:

> I can almost guarantee that you will see a performance increase.  Also
> note that you don't have to change to postfix.  You can configure
> sendmail to use whatever local delivery agent you want (ie. something
> like maildrop http://www.flounder.net/~mrsam/maildrop/).

You were *very* correct.  I finally got around to doing this conversion last
week.   This is a small mail system (about 50 mail accounts) but the email
system is used heavily by all of these user resulting in very large IMAP
mailboxes (many folder approaching 100 MB).

As I said in the previous email, during the business hours the load was
rarely below 2, often over 3 and the system was almost unusable (IMAP
timeouts for many users).

After the upgrade the load has dropped to being mostly 0, even with 34 IMAP
users connected, Maildir was definitely worth the conversion pain.  I did
convert the system to postfix but as many people have pointed you could quite
happily keep sendmail and deliver to Maildir boxes using procmail (>=3.15) or

Courier-imap is the imap daemon I chose.

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