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off site assistance

I am blind and work in a small data center.
Since I can't read screens I need to get sighted people to read for me.
I know what I'm doing on the systems but need readers to tell me whats
I'm looking for suggested hardware to allow me to easily in realtime send
the screen images from the console screen to a remote user so they can
read it for me or just tell me the keystrokes to do.

I need at least 640.b480 but would like 1024x768 resolution and 30fps.
4 or 5 fps would do really for this application.
remember this has to be usable for only one screen but that screen gets
connected to many systems during its lifetime.

I have a beklin video extener to let one coworker stay elsewhere and read
but thats only helpful for one person.
Thanks for the help in advance.
I'm looking at the video4linux stuff now.
What would really be nice is somehting I can just plug the video out cable
from the monitor port on the computer into and it doees the work, like
frame brabber / distribution.

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