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Sendmail vs. ?

Hey all,

I've been using sendmail 8.11 for the last couple of years, and while not real easy to configure, it has fit my purposes well. I was using the rbl to cut down on unwanted spam for my users, but with the departure of the rbl, I'm finding my server passing more spam to my users, I may be looking in the wrong place, but the only solutions I've found, like keeping my own spammer db, would require too much of a time commmitment from me. I've read through several holy wars on exim,qmail, postfix and sendmail, and without starting another one, I'd like to get some input on what the list is using. Here are my basic requirments:

security conscious
virtual email accounts, likely using LDAP
spam control
ease of configuration

I"m kinda leaning toward postfix, but that's just because I like the cover of the book I saw at borders yesterday <g>

Duane Powers

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