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Re: one mail server, several domains

Thanks Hirling for the response! But I started to work and I put my Sendmail doing it!
Solution: virtusertable!
(it was not so complicated to find the answare as soon as I went from sendmail.com to sendmail.org)

By the way, what is, in your opinion, the advantages from one mail server over the other (and vice-versa)!
I'm using Sendmail but I didn't try Exim!!

I've just read the description from exim:
 Advanced features include the ability to reject connections from
 known spam sites, and an extremely efficient queue processing
What do you recomend?

Hirling Endre wrote:

Pedro Braga wrote:

> - How can I put two diferent mailboxes with the same username in
> different domains?
>     ex.:
>         john@xpto.com
>         jonh@abc.com
> I have Debian 2.2 r2 servers and I use Sendmail. (I can change the mail
> server!)

If you're willing to change the MTA, there is a good example for this in
the Exim faq (Q405 and C007).


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