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Re: Virtual Domains Email: How do you do it?

Hey Haim,

Thursday, June 28, 2001, 4:24:06 PM, you wrote:

HD> Hi all,

HD>  I need to do email hosting for a large number of domains. My solution
HD> consists in Postfix for the MTA, Cyrus for the LDA and IMP for the MUA.
HD> Emails have to be accessible by POP as well.

HD>  After some research, I came to the conclusion that each individual needed
HD> to have an account under Cyrus as a local user. Let me explain. Let's say I
HD> host email for john@example.com. The string "john@example.com" is not a
HD> valid Cyrus username (mailbox in fact but you see my point). A translation
HD> needs to takes place.

If you apply Dave Fuchs' patch to make a '.' a valid character (but making '/'
and invalid one), then that becomes a valid Cyrus username.  Search the Cyrus
IMAP mailing list archives for it.  He sent it out for 2.0.14 some time last
week when I requested it (but I don't have it on me here) :)


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