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Re: Backup-request


I work at a Web/Dedicated Server hosting company in Hong Kong.

A few companies in the USA have sent us servers for colocation in Hong
Kong for a whole number of reasons (true redunancy/backup, fast
connections to Asia, etc.), but I suppose that avoiding PSI's possible
network meltdown would be as good as any. We connect to a number of
backbone providers in Asia, and PSI is not on our list.

Anyway, if you're interested, let me know and I'm sure we can arrange


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Subject: Backup-request

> Hello All,
>    I am using PSI as my backbone provider and, in case you haven't
> heard, they have filed Chapter 11. Service is fine and I don't believe
> they are going to do a Northpoint because they have been very up-front
> with everything (including an advance e-mail and phone call to warn
> about the bankruptcy filing) but better safe than sorry.
>   I can't just use another provider because I have a contract until
> November with PSI and it takes about 90 days to set up a new line
> anyway.
>   I'm wondering if any of you fellow ISPs would be willing to co-locate
> (for a fee of course) a Web server temporarily should the worst happen.
> My thought is to FedEx a complete machine that just needs to be plugged
> into your Network which means that I need someone in the states.
>   If you are interested, please email me (off the list is probably best
> since everyone probably doesn't want to read this thread) to work out
> the details.
> Pete
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