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Re: Linux on distro on CD

The german Linuxmagazin features several articles on
burning CDs with Linux it's current issue (Juli 2001).
The article on bootable CDs is online at
(This is german, so it might only help a few of us ;-)

Bernhard Bablok, the author, has a web page with his
"Build your own Bootable Linux CD Toolkit". It's
distribution independent and Bernhard states he has
tested it with Debian 2.2. (Website is in english)

Some other links mentioned in Linuxmagazin:
The most overfeatured rescue disk ever created:
CD-based Rescue System: http://rescuecd.sourceforge.net/
Gibraltar, CD-bootable Firewall-System: http://gibraltar.vianova.at/
Cheers, Marcel

Javier  Castillo Alcibar <Castillo@alhsys.com> 22 Jun 2001, at 9:07:

>  I have some boxes without hard disk, but with CD-ROM units, so I am
> looking for linux project/distro which allow me to boot Linux from a
> CD = and after, from those terminals, people can use my Terminal
> Servers......
>  Regards.

 .´  `.
 : :' !  Enjoy
 `. `´  Debian/GNU Linux

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