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Re[6]: Virtual Domains & LDAP

Hey Russell,

Wednesday, June 13, 2001, 12:24:42 PM, you wrote:

RC> OK, let us know how it goes.

Will do.

RC> The REAL difference is that if the ProFTPd server can read the userPassword
RC> attribute then anyone who can get access to that  configuration for the
RC> server has access to all the passwords.  This can  be considered a security
RC> problem.

Well, even if you have the user himself bind, you would need an entry with
sufficient enough permissions to access any other entry. Are you proposing
adding another entry, like a lesser LDAP Admin, that simply doesn't have access
to the userPassword attribute of other entries?

RC> If the ProFTPd server binds to the directory then it needs no special 
RC> LDAP access, however it has to send the password to the server and this 
RC> may be intercepted (I believe that the way it's setup in the standard 
RC> Debian packages has it all in clear-text always).  This can also be 
RC> considered a security problem.  :(

Well, wouldn't the password have to be sent over in clear text anyway?  That's
the nature of FTP without an SSL tunnel.  The FTP -> LDAP connection is on a
localhost anyway.  I wonder if you could configure it to use SSL LDAP.  Probably

RC> It should not make any noticable difference where you put your search 
RC> base.  However I have not done any performance testing.  It may make a 
RC> small difference but certainly won't make a large difference.

I would imagine this would make a difference with a search scope of one level or
something though :-P

RC> I suggest giving the user the DN of "uid=user_company.com, 
RC> ou=company.com, o=my_org" and the uid attribute will have the value of 
RC> "user_company.com".

Ok.  Glad we're on the same page ;)

RC> I'll send my latest work here again soon.

Great.  I can't wait.

RC> The work is supposed to have gone into Debian and be shared to save having
RC> the work of independantly maintaining it.  It appears not to have  gone into
RC> Debian yet though.

RC> It is to use LDAP settings to specify which IP addresses are permissable 
RC> as source addresses per user.  So if you know the IP address of a user 
RC> you can prevent access from other IP addresses.

That could be useful ;)

RC> Email address should be fine.

Great.  Like I said, I'll have to see how Cyrus IMAP and Postfix like it :-p

RC> But just specifying the user name and having the domain inferred is a bad 
RC> idea as you can't have two users with the same account name in different 
RC> domains.  bofh@company.com has to be different from bofh@company2.com!

Well, I was figuring all look ups would have to search for uid=user and
domain=company.com.  But two searches would probably be slower anyway.

Thanks again for the help/info.


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