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Re: Sendmail vs. ?

Nick Jennings wrote:

It seems that you've had little experience with anything but sendmail,
so you're opinion may be rather biased. I have used sendmail, exim, postfix and qmail and I think that exim and postfix are very good, high performance yet easily configurable and maintainable mail servers. Qmail I here gives better performance, but it's a hassle to maintain.
I migrated from sendmail to exim and it was extremely easy (thanks to
exim's amble documentation).
Here comes the holy war........

Seriously though, I use qmail+vpopmail and its easy, fast, secure and fun. The only pain is on instalation. Aside from that it could be a little of a pain to migrate your accounts but a little scripting and kazam, it will
be done.
Its real easy to administer and has a bunch of quota options per domain and stuff like that. Everyone hates its /var/qmail structure and i am not the exception but i think its well worth it when combined with vpopmail's structure:

I love the thing and i think it has earned its reputation for being a very secure server...although we all know that its never
the software's fault.



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