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Re: Webmail - considerations...

On Tue, 12 Jun 2001, Russell Coker wrote:

> Another thing, do the webmail systems use directory notifications?  With 
> directory notifications the application can be informed by the kernel 
> when new files are created.  The IMAP protocol supports announcing new 
> mail to the client.  If the mail store and the webmail system are on 
> separate machines then IMAP is the only way to avoid polling for new mail 
> (AFAIK directory notifications don't work over NFS).

Thanx, I didn't know this feature... Acctually, I'm not so familiar with
IMAP protocol yet...
> So now you're planning to write your own webmail program?

Yes, we need some nonusuall features...
> I suggest that when a user logs in they get an IMAP connection.  An 
> option to have the IMAP connection timeout and be closed before the 
> webmail system times out (webmail timeout on no activity should be long 
> like 30 minutes while IMAP timeout should be 10 minutes at most) would be 
> handy, but isn't required.  But generally IMAP connections should stay 
> open for the duration of the session.

That's as I see it, thanx..
All the actual logic will be implemented in the middle tier daemon(s).


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