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Re: off site assistance

On Wed, Jun 20, 2001 at 08:27:53AM -0400, Allen Ahoffman wrote:
> Hi:
> I am blind and work in a small data center.
> Since I can't read screens I need to get sighted people to read for me.
> I know what I'm doing on the systems but need readers to tell me whats
> happening.
> I'm looking for suggested hardware to allow me to easily in realtime send
> the screen images from the console screen to a remote user so they can
> read it for me or just tell me the keystrokes to do.
> I need at least 640.b480 but would like 1024x768 resolution and 30fps.
> 4 or 5 fps would do really for this application.
> remember this has to be usable for only one screen but that screen gets
> connected to many systems during its lifetime.
> I have a beklin video extener to let one coworker stay elsewhere and read
> but thats only helpful for one person.
> Thanks for the help in advance.
> I'm looking at the video4linux stuff now.
> What would really be nice is somehting I can just plug the video out cable
> from the monitor port on the computer into and it doees the work, like
> frame brabber / distribution.

Perhaps VNC (already mentioned, I know, but it's good) or xtv ?

$ apt-cache show xtv | tail -4
Description: xtv grabs the screen of a remote display.
 Grabs the remote display in a continuously updating fashion, making a "TV"
 out of the remote display.

Don't know about bandwidth requirements though. But I guess that
the need for bandwidth would be decreased by running fewer
colours. And if you're blind, you shouldn't need many colurs (no
offence intended) ;-)

Hope this helps
*DISCLAIMER* I do not know exactly what I'm talking about. Large grains of
salt recommended to aid in digestion.

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