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Re: Finding the Bottleneck

On Saturday 09 June 2001 08:23, Jason Lim wrote:
> Well... I'm not sure if you saw the "top" output I sent to the list a
> while back, but the swap isn't touched at all. The 128M ram seems to be
> sufficient at this time. I'm not sure that throwing more memory at it
> would help much, would it? I think even if more ram is put in, it will
> just use at buffers..... er.... that MIGHT help, right? Would be an
> easy solution if 256M would help get an extra 20% performance :-)

More cache is very likely to help, and it requires little expense and 
little work to add another 128M of RAM to the machine.  I'm not sure that 
you'll get 20% more performance, I'd expect maybe 10% - but it depends on 
the load patterns.

For a cheap and easy way to add performance adding RAM is the best thing 
you can do IMHO.

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