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Network Design


I have a network layout that I am deemed to put into operation. 
I am trying to make this thing work before I start configuring 
this monster. Please offer your comments.

Here's a few hurdles I would have to overcome.
1. I do not have a static IP address to my ISP. It's dynamic.
2.Computer number 1 is on the 1st floor and the rest are
all in the basement.
3. I have no bridges, routers or switches.
4. There is one twisted-pair cable running from the basement
to computer 1 and wish not to run another.
5. I will attempt to use a redirectional service, such
as DHS to direct viewers to a my web server.
6. I will run my own DNS servers.
7. I want to add some resilience and redundancy for
my webservers. I mentioned a primary and a secondary
web server. The primary would be my main domain and
the another a subdomain. As I understand, a Class C
IP address is not routable thru the internet, but can I use
it as a secondary web server if it has a Class C IP?

A few temporal remedies:
1. I could use a program such as DHSup to have my IP
address point to the same IP address to compensate
for the dynamic IP.
2. When I use DHS services and create a host for example,
myserver.dhs.org, and my computer (locally) host name is
Phoenix,  I can configure my DNS server to reflect
3. If it is possible, I could "sub, sub, subnet" a network to 
give more than one workable IP. For instance, I have 
configured the following:

Network    Hosts (from and to)     Broadcast Address 

Is this conceivable?
Please reply with any comments that I could use to better my 
problem. Thanks for you help.

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