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Re: Finding the Bottleneck

On Mon, 11 Jun 2001, Russell Coker wrote:

> Rik, as a general rule if a machine has 0 swap in use then can it be
> assumed that the gain from adding more RAM will be minimal or
> non-existant?  Or is my previous assumption correct in that it could
> still be able to productively use more RAM for cache?

No.  You cannot make any assumptions on that little data. ;)

It would be useful to see some output from top and vmstat
and get some information on what the machine is doing, how
much memory it has, etc...

> As a more specific issue, assuming that there is memory which is not
> being touched (there always is some) will that memory ever be paged
> out to allow for more caching?

The faster you evict cache pages from memory, the less
time programs have to touch it and the more will seem to
be untouched. This is fairly unrelated to system load.


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