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Re: redundancy via DNS

Maybe the Linux Open Router project
could be helpfull. It is in a very
early stage but AFAIK it aims at similar

Cheers, Marcel

On 17 Jun 2001, at 14:50, :yegon wrote:

> we have several servers colocated with several ISP's
> i am trying to sort out some configuration that would ensure
> good uptime for customers
> i want to place the html documents of every customer on two
> separate servers connected to separate ISP's the dns servers
> will point to one server and the second one will be just a
> backup, in case the main server goes down we just change the
> DNS and point the affected domains to the backup server.
> when the main server is back up the dns changes back to
> normal
> and now my questions:
> 1. what should the times in zone files be set to to enable
> the dns change to be propagated very quickly, say 5 minutes
> max.
>    is it possible/wise to use TTL=0
> 2. if a domain has 2 name servers set during registration,
> are both of these servers used for lookups? Or is it so that
> just the primary is querried if it works, and the secondary
> is querried only if the primary is not responding?
> 3. is this whole idea worth consideration anyway or should I
> forget it?
> thanks for answers
> Martin Dragun

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 : :' !  Enjoy
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