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Re: disk partition schemes

On Fri, Jun 15, 2001 at 10:13:33AM -0400, Kevin J. Menard, Jr. wrote:
>     Basically, I have 20 gigs of space to tinker with (well, there's really 40
>     there, but I run a hardware RAID 10).  I also have half a gig of SDRAM (sure
>     this would matter with swap space).  Now, I have no problem running fdisk or
>     anything, but I wanted to get a feel for what people are doing for various
>     types of systems.
Seperated partitions are usefull for the following reasons for me:
* /boot because old bootloaders (and new?) have problems with bzImage files
  over a certan sector number, i.e. it should be at the start of your HDD.
* /var, as used for logs, can fill up completely if a program get mad and 
  prevent other programs than just syslogd from working if it's on /
* /usr/local, /home etc can be on seperate partitions if your / is e.g. a
  standard system that's just copied from a CD image when installing a server
  or if you like to backup the partitions in differnet intervals.
* generally as filesystems sometimes get corrupt it's good if at least some
  severs work. and you have a platform from which you can do a fsck
  (ever tried to fsck a root reiserfs? it cannot be done even if mounted
  only readonly (at least back somewhen)).
Something I would suggest you, too is LVM. There you can partition your
harddisc(s) in arbitrary pieces (physical extends), put them together in a 
big heap (volume group) and from this heap you can cut out your virtual
discs (logical volumes) and resize them as needed no matter if they are
physically in a line or scattered over all harddiscs.
Of course this requires a filesystem that can adjust, too, only extending
the (virtual) partition alone doesn't help. But reiserfs (AFAIK) and ext2/ext3
can do it.
(well but keep in mind that this is not 10-year-approved technology so maybe
not use it with your best paying customer..)



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