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Re: MTA - MLM - DNS configuration question

>>>>> "RC" == Russell Coker <russell@coker.com.au> writes:
    RC> On Saturday 30 June 2001 04:43, Eirik Dentz wrote:
    >> My question is this: The DNS is under the jurisdiction of the
    >> IS department and the MX record @mydomain.org is set up to
    >> point at their email server. Does it make sense and is it
    >> possible to set up another MX record: @lists.mydomain.org which
    >> will point at the web server?

    RC> It is definately possible.  It makes sense to me, this is what
    RC> MX records were designed for!

I agree but, this is also what name server delegation is designed for!

    RC> Of course you'll have to convince the IS department to change
    RC> their DNS server...

True for my suggestion also though their overhead would be less if they
just delegated to you (so you don't bug them as you bring servers



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