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Re: WAN Adapters...Wan in general

On 8 Jun 2001, Alex wrote:

> A question to you all:
> Im sort of in a tight spot here. I want to connect my enterprise through
> a cable line provided by a big carrier. They call it "an internet
> link".....well a modem can be an internet link but ive never needed a
> 1,200 dls. device to route it (yeah, they want me to buy a router as
> well). Now, i dont want to buy the router, i want to implement a linux
> router for this kind of network..... Some call it WAN link ups.....some
> call it Direct inet links..... im just calling it WAN
> Now, as far as ive gotten by my research, one needs to buy a WAN card
> that understands the HDLC protocol or the SyncPPP protocol (depending on
> your provider). Ive foung at least three that run under linux.....
> Now something made me nervous.... my provider said he can get me a V.35
> line or a g207 line (i dont know what does that mean), i cant find docs
> on bridging from this kind of interface to ethernet.
> Anyway, some of this cards support this kind of interface and they range
> from 500 to a 1000 dollars. I dont know what to buy, i cant find further
> documentation, i dont know dick (pardon me). 
> I want to make a bridge between this kind of interface (this HDLC or
> SyncPPP or WAN connection) and my internal network....o yeah, by the
> way, I need this to give internet access to all the people here.......if
> your answer is "go buy the router, quit posting here" then please at
> least point me to some docs on WAN's and currently available protocols
> and stuff...
> Sincerely
> Alex  

What kind of connection does your ISP provide? Is it a tv cable, T1/E1,
T3/E3, or something else? 

Make sure you take a good look at at least these things:

* protocols (hdlc, syncPPP, etc)
* in case of T1/T3/E1/E3: does it support fractional T1/T3/E1/E3
* connector type (V.35, RJ48, BNC, etc)
* driver support: open source drivers

The company I work for uses linux routers for E1 and T3 connections to our
upstream providers and customers. They work just fine...

kind regards,

Teun Vink

Teun Vink - teun@moonblade.net - icq: 15001247 - http://teun.moonblade.net

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