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Re: Finding the Bottleneck

On Friday 08 June 2001 00:05, Jason Lim wrote:
> Thanks for your detailed reply.
> As reliability is not of great importance (only the mail queue will be
> there and no critical system files), I'd go for speed and cheap price.
> The client doesn't have the huge wads of cash for the optimal system
> with scsi drives and 64M cache raid card :-/  So I guess if it comes
> down to the crunch, speed and cheap price is it.

OK.  Software RAID on ATA drives is what you will be using then.

> I'll also scratch the NFS idea since qmail wouldn't work well on it,

Qmail won't work at all on NFS...

> Okay... the server right now is an AMD k6-2 500mhz 128M with 2 15G IBM
> drives. At this moment, it is really having trouble processing the mail
> queue.
> sh-2.05# qmail-qstat
> messages in queue: 297121
> messages in queue but not yet preprocessed: 72333
> I checked the log and yesterday it sent about 1 million emails. Do you
> think that the above hardware configuration is performing at it's
> realistic limit?

That an average of over 11 messages per second.  Not bad with such tiny 

The first thing to do is to buy some decent hard drives.  Get new IBM 
drives of 40G or more capacity and use the first 15M of them (it reduces 
seek times and also the first part has a higher transfer rate).  Also 
even the slowest part of a 45G drive will be twice as fast as the fastest 
part of a 15G drive.

Put the spool and queue on a software RAID-1 over two 45G drives and put 
the rest on a software RAID-1 over the two old 15G drives.  Then the 
system should be considerably more than twice as fast.

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