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Re: Sendmail vs. ?

What do you mean departure of the rbl?  blackhole.mail-abuse.org still

I have been researching MTAs for a little while trying to figure out what
I want to use instead of sendmail.  I was looking for maildir delivery,
ease of configuration, support for virtual hosting, and virtual accounts.
Exim does all of that for me quite well.  Qmail does too but I hate that
whole /var/qmail directory structure.  It isn't GPL either...  Exim also
has TONS of documentation.  I briefly looked at PostFix and it seems like
a viable alternative as well but has less docs than exim.


On Wed, 27 Jun 2001, Duane Powers wrote:

> Hey all,
> I've been using sendmail 8.11 for the last couple of years, and while
> not real easy to configure, it has fit my purposes well. I was using the
> rbl to cut down on unwanted spam for my users, but with the departure of
> the rbl, I'm finding my server passing more spam to my users, I may be
> looking in the wrong place, but the only solutions I've found, like
> keeping my own spammer db, would require too much of a time commmitment
> from me.  I've read through several holy wars on exim,qmail, postfix and
> sendmail, and without starting another one, I'd like to get some input
> on what the list is using. Here are my basic requirments:
> security conscious
> virtual email accounts, likely using LDAP
> spam control
> ease of configuration
> I"m kinda leaning toward postfix, but that's just because I like the
> cover of the book I saw at borders yesterday <g>
> Duane Powers
> uberLAN.Net
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