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Re: Virtual Domains Email: How do you do it?

> HD>  So using that patch makes the "." part of a valid username. What do I do
> HD> about the '@' in the email address?
> AFAIK, the '@' is already a valid character in the Cyrus mailbox namespace.


 Now I have another question :-)) How do I manage to tell Postfix to treat
"john@example.com" as a local username?

 What I mean by that is that right now I have translation done at the
virtual table level under Postfix. john@example.com becomes something else
(john~example.com let's say). I want to tell Postfix to accept all mails for
john@example.com and "relay" them to Cyrus. Since Cyrus will have a
user.john@example.com, everything should be good.

 Please tell me if I am confusing you. I really wonder how I can achieve the
result I want.


> Btw, I have to agree with the LDAP recommendation.

P.S. : I agree 100%. I have no experience with LDAP and right now I really
don't have the time. It will come, just not yet.

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