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Re: Sendmail vs. ?

Cowboy recovers from a week at Mammoth Cave and notices that -

On Wed, 27 Jun 2001, Duane Powers wrote:

> I've been using sendmail 8.11 for the last couple of years, and while
> not real easy to configure, it has fit my purposes well. I was using the
> rbl to cut down on unwanted spam for my users, but with the departure of
> the rbl, I'm finding my server passing more spam to my users, I may be
> looking in the wrong place, but the only solutions I've found, like
> keeping my own spammer db, would require too much of a time commmitment
> from me.  I've read through several holy wars on exim,qmail, postfix and
> sendmail, and without starting another one, I'd like to get some input
> on what the list is using. Here are my basic requirments:
> security conscious
> virtual email accounts, likely using LDAP
> spam control
> ease of configuration
> I"m kinda leaning toward postfix, but that's just because I like the
> cover of the book I saw at borders yesterday <g>

Its always nice to have a choice ;-)

The RBL confusion has alread been squared away, but I'm wondering what
else is driving the change...
  8.12 has improved security, and scalability by allowing most, if not
  all maps to be LDAP based.  I'm working on some doc/script to auto
  convert maps to LDIF format to ease the migration.

  Using RBL, DUL, RSS and exceptions (via access_db) covers *alot* of
  spam, and you can impliment Milters for content based spam control
  (there are even a few already on the net - I need to package one or

  The only wrinkle (I'm aware of) wrt virtual hosting, is that, for
  the nonce, you'll need libnss-ldap to have LDAP users be considered
  local...  That is being worked on in 8.12, and we help guide the
  developement for followon releases...  Sendmail has a sample LDAP
  implimentation, but I'd rather see it be PAM based.

  You have virtually unlimited MDA choices, and I'm sure some support
  virtual users via LDAP (I'm using procmail, again via libnss-ldap).

  I see sendmail getting easier to configure...  Many things can now
  be moved into the access_db (reducing I/O), and again, one can move
  just about everything into LDAP (also I/O reduction, and the
  connection can be kept open longer, reducing overhead significantly).

  Plus, you've already got lots of time and energy involved to get to
  where you are today...

I guess my thoughts are:
  1) Let me know what sendmail can do to help
  2) If you want to switch, check to see if you've got anything tricky
     in your rules - you *WILL* loose functionality with any other MTA
     (turing complete control language).  If you've a fairly genereric
     sendmail.mc - you're probably ok
  3) I've heard (no experience) that Postfix is probably the easiest migration

Rick Nelson
<Kensey> RMS for President???
<RelDrgn> ...or ESR, he wants a new job ;)

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