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Re: per host bandwidth limit

Do they all have their own IPs within your lan? You could limit bandwidth
on a per-IP level if you want. That way, if they decide to play with
napster and stuff, they will then have to suffer with low webpage loading,
slow email, etc. That might encourage them NOT to use those types of
programs anymore.

That would not help if you really want to just slow down and limit their
use of audiogalaxy and stuff like that though.


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Subject: per host bandwidth limit

> Hi, is there a way to limit the bandwidth in a "per hosts" basis?
> I'm actually using CBQ / SFQ to limit bandwith for two networks in an
> link.
> It's possible with the linux kernel+iptables+tc to make a packet queue
> TOS based priority?
> My coleagues are eating a lot of bw with the use of audiogalaxy and that
> of peer2peer downloaders. I would like the packets with No delay TOS
> telnet and stuff, to get a high priority and not have to wait for their
> on the queue.
> Excuse me for my bad english, but I'm not native speaker.
> Regards.
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