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Re: Virus scanners

> Hi all,
> Can any body suggest a decent virus scanner for Linux?
> I've heard that Sophos is good, but its a bit pricy...
> But anything that'll work with amavis would be a great help.

> Thx in advanced.
> Simon

Please visit www.avp.ru (you will need to look for English version on
the title page if you're unfamiliar with Russian :) There is Antiviral
Toolkit Pro - antivirus scanner fior Linux, FreeBSD and Windoze
servers and workstations. I didn't try Linux version yet, but windoze
version is popular in Russia and Ukraine, not legal copies, of course,
most of us here cannot buy commercial software :) Maybe pricing may
satisfact you...

For example such an software is present (my mailer told me so) on
freemail.ukr.net webserver, etc.

This is good antiviral software to play with. There is demo for RedHat


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