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WAN Adapters...Wan in general

A question to you all:

Im sort of in a tight spot here. I want to connect my enterprise through
a cable line provided by a big carrier. They call it "an internet
link".....well a modem can be an internet link but ive never needed a
1,200 dls. device to route it (yeah, they want me to buy a router as
well). Now, i dont want to buy the router, i want to implement a linux
router for this kind of network..... Some call it WAN link ups.....some
call it Direct inet links..... im just calling it WAN

Now, as far as ive gotten by my research, one needs to buy a WAN card
that understands the HDLC protocol or the SyncPPP protocol (depending on
your provider). Ive foung at least three that run under linux.....

Now something made me nervous.... my provider said he can get me a V.35
line or a g207 line (i dont know what does that mean), i cant find docs
on bridging from this kind of interface to ethernet.

Anyway, some of this cards support this kind of interface and they range
from 500 to a 1000 dollars. I dont know what to buy, i cant find further
documentation, i dont know dick (pardon me). 

I want to make a bridge between this kind of interface (this HDLC or
SyncPPP or WAN connection) and my internal network....o yeah, by the
way, I need this to give internet access to all the people here.......if
your answer is "go buy the router, quit posting here" then please at
least point me to some docs on WAN's and currently available protocols
and stuff...


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