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Re: TCP connection problem.

> I have a tcp connection problem.

> I connect to the Internet using a Debian 2.2r2.
> Some web servers refuse to respond to my requests.
> No matter witch browser I use (Lynx, Netscape Opera), they access the
> web servers but 
> no data is transferred from them. 
> The servers seems to run on Windoze NT 4.0.
> One example of this is www.conexant.com  
> I try telnet webserver.com 80 and after connection I send a request like
> a browser do, but the response does not come. I suspect somme tcp
> connection problems. 
> If I use a proxy from the net all works fine.

Those servers seem to check if your IP can be reverse-resolved to an
internet domain name. If you do have external IP (e.g. not masqueraded
by your ISP) then you should have your IP to be written in DNS
reverse-lookup tables, ask your ISP to do so or do it yourself if DNS
in on your machine. This could help.

> Could be my kernel (custom 2.2.19) the source of this problem ?
> Please help !

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