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Re: MTA - MLM - DNS configuration question

> On Saturday 30 June 2001 04:43, Eirik Dentz wrote:
>> My question is this: The DNS is under the jurisdiction of the IS
>> department and the MX record @mydomain.org is set up to point at their
>> email server. Does it make sense and is it possible to set up another
>> MX record: @lists.mydomain.org which will point at the web server?
> It is definately possible.  It makes sense to me, this is what MX records
> were designed for!

Thanks.  I thought so, but I don't have first hand experience setting this
up, and I didn't want to make a fool of myself asking the IS guys, so I
figured I'd make a fool of myself here instead ;-)

> Of course you'll have to convince the IS department to change their DNS
> server...

Oh I'm not too worried about convincing them. They'll be relieved that they
aren't being asked to do anything more than this.

>> I realize that it is generally a bad idea to set up your web server to
>> do double duty as an email server.  Any ideas regarding at what message
>> volume a mail server will have a serious negative impact on a web
>> server running on the same machine would be appreciated.
> If a primary duty of the web server is to manage the mailing lists then
> IMHO it makes a lot of sense to have this!
> Of course this means that you have a lot of important things on one box.
> Considered a cluster arrangement of some sort?

Well it actually hosts the company web site, so doubling it up as a mailing
list server probably isn't a good idea.  On the other hand a cluster
arrangement does sound like a good idea.  Any suggested reading on setting
up web/email/database server clusters?

Thanks for taking the time to respond.


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