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custom install kernel woes

Hi list,

I should maybe be posting this to debian-user, but I'm not sub'd there,
and I'm hoping one of y'all may have some experience with this hardware configuration.

I've built a custom kernel for my hardware, (compaq proliant 2500R with compaq smart2 array controller, and have put it on the rescue disk properly, I followed the guides on www.debian.org, and built ramdisk support in, I ran rdev.sh after copying the kernel to the floppy. I boot and before it prompts for the root disk, it says "This kernel does not have RAMdisk support" any clues? If I then insert a root disk, it kernel panics, with can't load filesystem on 02:00. I'm using kernel 2.4.5 and a standard rescue image from www.debian.org. (1.44)

Thanks in Advance,

Duane Powers

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