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disk partition schemes

Hey guys (and gals),

    I'm redoing a machine of mine.  Was a Mandrake system, but now it's going to
    be a debian one ;)

    Basically, I have 20 gigs of space to tinker with (well, there's really 40
    there, but I run a hardware RAID 10).  I also have half a gig of SDRAM (sure
    this would matter with swap space).  Now, I have no problem running fdisk or
    anything, but I wanted to get a feel for what people are doing for various
    types of systems.

    This system would be used mostly for web-hosting, so I was figuring a large
    /home partition.  Likewise only one or two kernels max, so I figured a
    small /boot.  And finally, and this is really where I'm looking for help, it
    will be used as an IMAP/SMTP machine.  So, should I create a separate /var
    partition?  I'm hesitant because I don't want to a) not create a large
    enough partition, or b) create too large of one and waste space.  Do the
    performance gains outweigh this?  (I'm not terribly worried about the
    redundancy with the RAID 10 and all).

    I'd really be interested in what you guys think.  TIA.


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