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KVM via Internet?


I was wondering if you guys know of any cost-effective KVM (remote
access/control) solution that can be accessed over the internet?

Everyone knows about the cheapo products that you have to press a button
to switch between computers and stuff, but how about being able to
accessed these over the net (especially useful if you live far away from
the datacenter)?

Just in case you're not sure of what I'm talking about, I mean something
like the Rose Ultralink (http://www.rosel.com/htm/ultralink.htm). It is
nearly exactly what I need, BUT... the cost... is almost astronomical. I
don't need those 64 port things... this is just for about 4-5 servers.

I'm not sure if there is some way to hook up those cheap "push button
KVMs" to a server, and have the server pass the video feed over the net
somehow. Perhaps some video capture card in a server could be hooked up to
those cheap KVMs to pass the video feed that way? There seem to be lots of
POSSIBLE ways to do it, but I'm not exactly sure how.

The main reason for all this is to be able to see what I would normally
see sitting in front of the server during bootup, so, for example, if I
see e2fsck fail during bootup (requiring root password and a manual e2fsck
run), I would be able to do something about it rather than go all the way
to the datacenter just to press the Y key a few times and reboot. (if you
guys know a good way to get around that, that would be great too,
especially if I can't find any solution for the above).

Thanks in advance!


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