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Re: Remote Resue Disk


Strange... last time I looked around there (a couple of months ago) I
couldn't find what I wanted. i haven't looked there again since, but I'll
have another quick check.

AFAIK there are "rescue disks" but none that also include a telnetd and
remote connection capabilities as well. I don't just want it to be able to
repair the disks... whats the point if I need to be right there at the
server? I could run the debian rescue disk as it also has e2fsck if i only
needed a regular rescue disk :-/

I'll have another quick look.


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Subject: Re: Remote Resue Disk

> there are several of these out there, look for rootboot disk on
> freshmeat.net
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> > Hi all,
> >
> > I was about to develop my own "Remove Rescue Disk)... but thought
> > you had a better idea or had already done this...
> >
> > Regularly if the hard disk fails or needs a manual fsck (usually just
> > pressing y throughout), then it means a trip to the datacenter at
> > ungodly hour it may be for this relatively simple task.
> >
> > If it was possible to create a boot disk with a simple telnetd (and
> > minimum network support) and static e2fsck utilities, then, in theory,
> > that needs to be done is to insert the disk, reboot the server, and
> > telnetd binds to a special, pre-defined IP just for this emergency
> > purpose. Then I can telnet in from home or wherever, run e2fsck, mount
> > drives, see /var/log/syslog, etc. to see what went wrong. After the
> > repairs, the disk can be removed, and server rebooted.
> >
> > Does this sound realistic? Even if 2 disks or even 3 were required, if
> > means I can save a trip to the datacenter it would be worthwhile to
> >
> > Perhaps you guys have thought of something similar, or maybe there
> > IS something like this out there? Any ideas/suggestions would be
> > appreciated.
> >
> > Sincerely,
> > Jason
> >
> >
> >
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