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Re: Sendmail vs. ?

On Wed, 27 Jun 2001, Nick Jennings wrote:

>  This is not true, Exim allows much more flexibility with configuration,
>  sendmail cannot handle seperate virtual domains (i.e. user@abc.com is
>  not the same as user@xyz.com) which is very usefull when running, for
>  instance, web-based email services, and you don't want the usernames
>  for it to conflict with your shell accounts on another domain, same server.

Bzzt...  What version did you switch from ?  This scenario can be
handled by either the virtusertable, or by aliases (Yes, you can do
alias processing on *ANY* mailer, not just local).

I have something like this in my virtusertable - the RHS could also
change the host (not just userid), but I've no need for that:
cowboy@debian.org	cowboy+debian
cowboy+*@debian.org	cowboy+debian+%2
cowboy@us.ibm.com	cowboy+usibm
cowboy+*@us.ibm.com	cowboy+usibm+%2

> >   3) I've heard (no experience) that Postfix is probably the easiest migration
> >
>  It seems that you've had little experience with anything but sendmail,
>  so you're opinion may be rather biased.

Reread that line again - where did I give an opinion ?

Rick Nelson
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