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Re: disk partition schemes

On Friday 22 June 2001 17:46, Duane Powers wrote:
> Hm, This is interesting, I have almost always used separate partitions,
> such as /var, and it's saved my butt a couple times.  If a log file
> starts to run away, which I've had happen a twice, it can't overflow
> the boundaries of the partition and crash the box, which it can if it's

Of course you could always setup quotas to limit the storage space for 
logs.  If you have a log directory such as /var/log/apache created SGID 
and then apply a quota for that group then it'll limit log creation...

> on /. I _always_ use a seprarate /home, so I can keep data in case I
> have to reinstall the OS, (successful intrustion attempt, etc.) and

Of course the re-installation could start with:
rm -rf /etc /sbin /bin /var /usr /boot /lib

Also if your machine has been cracked then you have to check for SUID 
programs on /home...

> I've been using a /boot for no good reason. :o) The other benefit
> could, I've theorized, come from chrooting certain processes, If you
> leave them on a separate partition, and somehow someone exploits the
> partition, you can restore from your backup of the partition, without
> _too_ much difficulty.

Unless your backup mathod is "cat /dev/hda1 > /dev/rmt" it's just as easy 
to restore a sub-directory as to restore a file system.

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