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Re: Finding the Bottleneck

On Saturday 09 June 2001 01:11, Rich Puhek wrote:
> Memory memory memory! True, memory is not currently a limiting factor,
> but it likely could be if he were running BIND locally. As for making
> sure that the server is not authoratative for other domains, that will
> help keep other DNS demands to a minimum.

From memory (sic) a caching name server for an ISP with 500,000 customers 
that has typically >10,000 customers online at busy times will grow to 
about 200M of RAM.  Extrapolating from that I expect that 20M of RAM 
should be adequate for a caching name server for the type of load we are 

If the machine is upgraded to a decent amount of RAM (128M is nothing by 
today's standards and upgrading RAM is the cheapest upgrade possible) 
then the amount of RAM for a caching name server should not be an issue.

> Other than that, yea, some kind of RAID solution would be cool for him.
> I'd also look at making sure /var/log is on a seperate drive from
> /var/spool/mail. I saw an email that indicated that /swap was seperate
> from /var/spool, but nothing about where the log files were located.
> Not synching after evey write will help obviously, but I recall seeing
> quite a benefit from seperate drive for /var/log and /var/spool.

My understanding of the discussion was that there was one drive for 
/var/spool (which is for the queue and /var/spool/mail) and another drive 
for everything else.

That should be fine, but getting some drives that are less than 3 years 
old would be a good idea...

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