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[no subject] 2.6.2 on SS20 64-bit povray for sun4u!! AFB microcode Africa Online Virus Check - Virus Detected in your Sent Message alsa's ioctl32 syscall wrappers, was [Re: HELP] Alternative Network Configuration Applications Manager DSP, Silicon Valley, CA auto poweroff - keyboard dependency? Auto-Re: Mail System ( Blade150 and sarge bugs... [Blade150/netinst] Blue screen of Death... Booting custom kernel Re: BootP problems with Netra T1 (ARP/RARP) Bridging bridging ethernet problem broken eth on a ultra 5 Bug#231747: libssl0.9.7: doesn't use /usr/lib/v8 on sparc32 when possible Building custom kernel Re: building slrn on sparc Custom Kernel doesn't recognize 2nd CPU Debian 64-bit binaries Debian and MySQL on SPARC Debian, Cheap meedication for you! debian nfsroot installation Debian on Enterprise 3500 /w Fiber Channel Disks Debian on SUN Enteprise 10000 /A SUCCESS) Debian, Quality meedication for you! debian-sparc: Buy1ng CI(ALIS) 0nline has never been easler and can now be sh1pped w0r1dwide! Debian Sparc on a Netra 112? Re: [debian-sparc] Re: SPARC 2.6 serial and console issues devfsd not downloaded? d-i beta3 and my blade 150... Disregard newbie blithering above. Double messages E250 LED indicators elite graphic card error compiling 2.6.5-rc2 Fast Access MMU Miss FTBFS question on sparc [ netinst or install cd for a 150...] 企业中国网助您成功! 手机3折急招业务代表 gcc defaults [was Re: building slrn on sparc] Got the SS20 working!! (woo-hoo!) HELP HelpDesk ticket 715 Re: HELP (patch to fix) Re: Here is the document (KMM1470452V92181L0KM) Hey How to build custom sparc64 kernel? how to get audio working on ultra 80 w/ debian testing I am looking for a tftp boot image working for sun blade 2000 Installing Debian on Sunfire v210 Installing Debian on SUN Netra T1 D200 Installing testing?! Install problems on SS5 and Ultra 1 IPX & sarge KDE 3.2 kernal-source package for sparc? kernel 2.4.24-sparc64-smp shutdown problem Kernel 2.{4,6} on sparc32 /lib/modules/2.2.20/fs/hfs.o? locking while booting from floppies Losing my mind, RAID1 on Sparc completely broken? Merci de votre message More SS20 confusion... Mouse device , graphic card mutt / Bus error Re: mutt / Bus error (retry) Need current tftpimage netra X1 tftp boot..and install Newbie Sparcstation 20 question noob with a few questions oa co, peo epuau, yu a6e a op openoffice linux sparc openoffice.org680 PCI USB Cards povray? Press L1-A to return to the boot prom Problematic IPX problems with kernel-image-2.6.3-sparc64_1_sparc.deb Problems with quad ethernet on Ultra 1 Re: procps doesn't buildd - /lib versus /lib64 ps warning message Raptor Gfx with Sun U5 Raptor GFX with Sun Ultra 5 [rebuild request] scsh for woody Reccomendations for Sun Linux RED State Exception with kernel-2.6.3 RED State Exception with kernel-2.6.3- Retail Services Customer Care Message Confirmation (KMM11696570V90865L0KM) Sarge Installer (Daily Build) on Ultra 60 Sarge on Netra T1 Seagate Barracuda drives for SparcStation20 security fixes for woody sparc kernels? SOLVED: Re: Need current tftpimage something busted in fonts on debian/sparc in unstable? Re: something for you SPARC 2.6 serial and console issues SPARCstation 10 srmmu: out of nocache SS20 video config? SS20 won't talk to my hub SS5 install progressing, but have a question... SS5 won't install! stable/testing/unstable Status of 2.4 kernel with sparc 4m SMP sun4m nfsroot installation problem sun4m sparc installation problem Re: Sun Blade 100 Sun E2 Dual 296mhz SUNW Sun Fire V100 w/ custom 2.4.2[56] kernel: illegal instruction temp solution: sun fire v100 / gcc 3 woes Ultra 10: Which port to connect to for a serial interface? Ultra10 / woody / 120 GB HD / fdisk and geometry Ultra 1 telnet oddity Ultra 5 install problem Upgrading openboot v100 ethernet problems where and how to get the latest kernel ? Will this Sparc 20 work? Фигура ЭЛБИ-01 Заказ такси // понятия. Знаю только, что как Искусные приемы активных продаж От доктора . Запрос От доктора Запрос Склады в аренду woody on ultra sparc IIe - help XFree86-4.4.0 on Ultra5 behaves funny Re: Your letter The last update was on 20:06 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 364 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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