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[no subject] /lib/modules/2.2.20/fs/hfs.o? 2.6.2 on SS20 64-bit povray for sun4u!! 手机3折急招业务代表 Фигура ЭЛБИ-01 Заказ такси // понятия. Знаю только, что как Искусные приемы активных продаж От доктора . Запрос От доктора Запрос Склады в аренду [Blade150/netinst] Blue screen of Death... Re: [debian-sparc] Re: SPARC 2.6 serial and console issues [ netinst or install cd for a 150...] [rebuild request] scsh for woody AFB microcode Africa Online Virus Check - Virus Detected in your Sent Message alsa's ioctl32 syscall wrappers, was [Re: HELP] Alternative Network Configuration Applications Manager DSP, Silicon Valley, CA auto poweroff - keyboard dependency? Auto-Re: Mail System ( Blade150 and sarge bugs... Booting custom kernel Re: BootP problems with Netra T1 (ARP/RARP) Bridging bridging ethernet problem broken eth on a ultra 5 Bug#231747: libssl0.9.7: doesn't use /usr/lib/v8 on sparc32 when possible Building custom kernel Re: building slrn on sparc Custom Kernel doesn't recognize 2nd CPU d-i beta3 and my blade 150... Debian 64-bit binaries Debian and MySQL on SPARC debian nfsroot installation Debian on Enterprise 3500 /w Fiber Channel Disks Debian on SUN Enteprise 10000 /A SUCCESS) Debian Sparc on a Netra 112? Debian, Cheap meedication for you! Debian, Quality meedication for you! debian-sparc: Buy1ng CI(ALIS) 0nline has never been easler and can now be sh1pped w0r1dwide! devfsd not downloaded? Disregard newbie blithering above. Double messages E250 LED indicators elite graphic card error compiling 2.6.5-rc2 Fast Access MMU Miss FTBFS question on sparc gcc defaults [was Re: building slrn on sparc] Got the SS20 working!! (woo-hoo!) HELP Re: HELP (patch to fix) HelpDesk ticket 715 Re: Here is the document (KMM1470452V92181L0KM) Hey How to build custom sparc64 kernel? how to get audio working on ultra 80 w/ debian testing I am looking for a tftp boot image working for sun blade 2000 Install problems on SS5 and Ultra 1 Installing Debian on SUN Netra T1 D200 Installing Debian on Sunfire v210 Installing testing?! IPX & sarge KDE 3.2 kernal-source package for sparc? kernel 2.4.24-sparc64-smp shutdown problem Kernel 2.{4,6} on sparc32 locking while booting from floppies Losing my mind, RAID1 on Sparc completely broken? Merci de votre message More SS20 confusion... Mouse device , graphic card mutt / Bus error Re: mutt / Bus error (retry) Need current tftpimage netra X1 tftp boot..and install Newbie Sparcstation 20 question noob with a few questions openoffice linux sparc openoffice.org680 PCI USB Cards povray? Press L1-A to return to the boot prom Problematic IPX problems with kernel-image-2.6.3-sparc64_1_sparc.deb Problems with quad ethernet on Ultra 1 Re: procps doesn't buildd - /lib versus /lib64 ps warning message Raptor Gfx with Sun U5 Raptor GFX with Sun Ultra 5 Reccomendations for Sun Linux RED State Exception with kernel-2.6.3 RED State Exception with kernel-2.6.3- Retail Services Customer Care Message Confirmation (KMM11696570V90865L0KM) Sarge Installer (Daily Build) on Ultra 60 Sarge on Netra T1 Seagate Barracuda drives for SparcStation20 security fixes for woody sparc kernels? SOLVED: Re: Need current tftpimage something busted in fonts on debian/sparc in unstable? Re: something for you SPARC 2.6 serial and console issues SPARCstation 10 srmmu: out of nocache SS20 video config? SS20 won't talk to my hub SS5 install progressing, but have a question... SS5 won't install! stable/testing/unstable Status of 2.4 kernel with sparc 4m SMP Re: Sun Blade 100 Sun E2 Dual 296mhz SUNW Sun Fire V100 w/ custom 2.4.2[56] kernel: illegal instruction sun4m nfsroot installation problem sun4m sparc installation problem temp solution: sun fire v100 / gcc 3 woes Ultra 1 telnet oddity Ultra 10: Which port to connect to for a serial interface? Ultra 5 install problem Ultra10 / woody / 120 GB HD / fdisk and geometry Upgrading openboot v100 ethernet problems where and how to get the latest kernel ? Will this Sparc 20 work? woody on ultra sparc IIe - help XFree86-4.4.0 on Ultra5 behaves funny Re: Your letter oa co, peo epuau, yu a6e a op The last update was on 11:27 GMT Fri Jun 21. There are 363 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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