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Ultra 1 telnet oddity

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I have Debian installed on an ultra 1 with the internal 10Mbit card and a separate 100Mbit card (HME, I believe) here's the problem.  When using the internal network connector, everything works great, however when I switch to the 100Mbit connector, again everything works great, except telnet.  I can ping the box, ftp to the box, see the web server on the box, and ssh to the box, but when I telnet, I get the login prompt, but can't type anything.  I'm pretty certain its not the card, as I swapped it out for a second one and it has the exact same problem.  As a side note, its running at 10Mbit half duplex right now because I don't have 100Mbit yet.  (planned for real soon now)  Any ideas why telnet won't let me type on the 100Mbit connection?  As an extra twist, my Sparc5 which also has a 100Mbit card in it, DOES allow me to telnet in just fine.  What gives?  Thanks for any help or ideas!

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