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Upgrading openboot

Hello Debian/Ultra5 users (and silo developers?)

I have been attempting to upgrade my ultra5's openboot to the latest version 
which i downloaded from sunsolve (patch 106121-18). Aparently the version of 
openboot that is currently installed into the prom is 3.15

ok .version
Release 3.15 Version 2 created 1998/11/10 10:35
OBP 3.15.2 1998/11/10 10:35
POST 2.3.1 1998/08/07 16:33

This doesnt support net booting with dhcp which I require for some testing 
with diskless sparcs.
However when i try to boot the flash update utility (following 
i get the following output:

boot: /flash-update-Ultra510-latest
Allocated 8 Megs of memory at 0x40000000 for kernel
Fatal error: Multiple loadable segments in your ELF image
Program terminated

Can i upgrade openboot with silo or do i need to use suns bootloader, whatever 
that might be?

David Leggett
Get my public GPG key from http://www.asguard.org.uk/~david/david.asc
Fingerprint: 51FA 58C2 0515 D0EE 7EA6 5AEB D944 B73E 5151 764

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