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Re: Losing my mind, RAID1 on Sparc completely broken?

The problem comes in when I make both disks a member of the same array.
(in this case, hda2 and hdc2 are members of md1). As soon as I sync the array, I write to it, and it pretty much instantly corrupts. Unmounting
md1 and running a fsck on it shows a large number of illegal blocks.
md5sums of various binaries on the system are wrong, apt and dpkg's
status files get so horribly corrupted that they segfault or refuse to
run.  All within minutes of even seconds of writing to md device.

This is opposite to the problem I have:

I have an SS20 with dual hypersparc 125MHz CPU's and dual 4.1GB SCA drives on an espfast controller inside the machine.

After getting to a point where I am happy with the Debian installation on a single disk I copied the partition data across to the second disk and started using the failed-disk method to copy data onto the raid. I found that when copying quite a lot of data the kernel will oops, and I had to restart the process several times. I did eventually find I was able to copy the ~1.5GB of install across without oopsing if I added the -u argument to cp (checks if the source file is newer than the target file) - it seems to me that the kernel was oopsing when writing constantly to the raid array, but was okay as long as it was read from quite a lot.

Anyway, I have succeeded in getting it all up and running with both disks in the array and using auto-detect to create the raidset at boot time and mounting it as root. It seems to be working okay now, and I haven't noticed any data corruption on my ext3 partition.

I am using a home built Linux 2.4.25 kernel.

One thing is that SILO now only gets as far as S and then I get "Program terminated" - I'm not sure what's causing this, but now I have to do "boot cdrom /iommu/.....;1/vmlinuz root=/dev/md0 ro" to start my machine. Anyone have any ideas about what's up with SILO?

I have the latest SILO from sarge installed.


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