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Re: auto poweroff - keyboard dependency?

Janos Sziliczi wrote:

Hi All,

I've compiled a 2.4.25 kernel.
When I'd typed the 'halt' command as root, the Linux shutdowned and the
machine turned off automatically (no 'power-off' needed on PROM prompt).

This tends to hit the list once every few weeks.

In both sparc and sparc64 the kernel will not power-off systems that are running with a serial console-- instead they are dropped to OBP (2.2.x did not act this way). I believe Pete was going to remove this "safety measure" in sparc a while back but I don't believe it has been done.

If you are running a sparc kernel, remove the check for !serial_console

  if (auxio_power_register && !serial_console)

in arch/sparc/kernel/process.c.  In sparc64, remove the check

  if (!serial_console)

in arch/sparc64/kernel/power.c.

I have a sysctl patch for sparc that allows selection of power-off at halt for serial console systems. Pete did not like this too much, but I believe it is a fair trade-off IFF anyone believes the safety measure should be preserved. The sparc64 arch could benefit from the same.

If you aren't up to recompiling a kernel, depending upon version you might be able to type 'power-off' at OBP. Some versions allow this, some require a keyboard with power button to be present. Of coure, you could always reach over and flip the switch, too, if it is not miles away.


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