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RE: noob with a few questions


I don't think it is a Debian thing as various Unixes
have various use and definition of run levels. The
definition that was given below is very close to what
Solaris uses, but AIX, Tru64 or HPUX don't use that at
all. I think one of the reason why runlevels aren't
widely use is because what happens when you go from
one runlevel to another is not standardised. On some
Unixes it executes everything in the rcX.d directory
according to the K and S scripts and on other Unixes,
it just runs the difference between the two runlevels.
To top it all up, you have AIX, which doesn't use
rcX.d directory, but puts everything in the inittab.

So I don't think we can say that the Debian way is bad
because it doesn't stick to the Unix way, because
there is no Unix way.

My 2c,
 --- "Small, Jim" <jim.small@eds.com> wrote: >
Perhaps.  I don't care for using 4 and 5 for
> starting X.  I understand not
> starting some or all network services in 2 and
> everything in 3, but in
> practice I have never seen this used.  I suspect
> that is why everything is
> started in 2.  Few people understand how to use run
> levels.  Like you said,
> they know about single and default (run level),
> that's it.  Fewer still
> understand how to use inittab, thus my dislike of
> sticking xdm/gdm in there.
> I remember the first time I used Red Hat, scratching
> my head wondering why
> on earth someone had decided to stick xdm in inittab
> and define a run level
> for it.  But, perhaps that's my UNIX background
> intransigence...  ;-)
> <> Jim
> > -----Original Message-----
> > I do kind of wish that Debian would define the run
> levels.  Only using run
> > level 2 as running everything has confused some
> people from other UNIX
> > worlds where 2 is typically single user no
> network, 3 multi-user network,
> > 4
> > single user no network + X, and 5 is multi-user,
> network, X, kitchen sink
> > etc...
> > 
> > Not that I really care that much as I almost never
> worry about it, and
> > only
> > don't like the fact that I have to explain it as
> different to other
> > people.
> > For the most part I only ever use two run levels
> single and 2, with 2
> > being
> > fully booted to whatever I set up the system to
> be, and I don't really
> > change it much if ever.
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