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Re: procps doesn't buildd - /lib versus /lib64

> > Plus if things start being built as 64-bit by
> > default for debian-sparc, then sparc32 users are gone.
> If having a 32-bit build machine is not practical,
> then a chroot() environment can be used for 32-bit
> builds. It's cross-compiling for a different arch.

No, this is not a cross compile. I can build 64-bit apps on sparc32 and
sparc64 from the same compiler. The issue here is that we must support a
64-bit overlay for debian-sparc. That's just way it is going to be. All
64-bit libs will go in /lib64:/usr/lib64 and all packages that support
building for the 64-bit overlay (like glibc and ncurses already do) must
do two builds.

Get over it.

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