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Re: Newbie Sparcstation 20 question

Hartwig Atrops wrote:


On Friday 05 March 2004 21:36, James Nelson wrote:
I have a sparcstation 20 I am trying to install 3.0 stable onto, and
have a question.  The system boots fine from the CD's, but it hangs with
a "no console found - try passing an init= option" error.  I have a
GX-series SBus video card, and the only thing I could find after quite a
bit of Googling around is to use a serial terminal for installation.  Is
there any way to pass options to the install kernel via SILO so that I
can use the Sun keyboard & graphics adapter for the system console, or
should I go buy a Sun null modem cable?

I installed Woody (= 3.0 stable) on some SS20 with SBUS and with onboard graphics, never had to use a serial console ?!?

I suggest to check your openboot environment.

I don't have access to my SS20's until monday, if you still need help, feel free to contact me.



I checked OpenBoot, and even tried the 'reset-defaults' command (after munging the config pretty well) to no avail. I'm baffled - I can't seem to figure out what I'm overlooking... but it's got to be something simple...

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