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Raptor Gfx with Sun U5

Hi all,

I recently installed Debian SPARC on a Sun Ultra 5 and am really pleased with it. I'm now a definite debian fan! One problem remains however. When running XFree86 (4.1.0) I am getting lines of what looks like 'interference' lines down the screen. One part of the screen has it really bad whilst others you just just see small patches of it. The lines run horizontally and kind of 'crackle' if this makes sense.

Console mode is fine it just happens when I load Xfree86, and happens at all of the resolutions I have tried running XFree86 at. The graphics card is a Raptor GFX 8P, and it is connected to a nice new Sun 21" monitor that can cope with anything this card can throw at it. When I press the button on the monitor it says: 106.2Khz / 85Hz, which is the same frequency that I run MS Windows at on this monitor on the other input, and no interference is present on that.

I'm not that knowledgable about Xfree86 dot clocks or any such, but have spent many hours now trying to get rid of this interference!

Now, the interesting part is, - that this interference was also present when booting the machines into Solaris in console mode, but it vanished (and I had a gorgeous rock solid display) when the Sun X server initialised. I've looked at the Sun X convig file but alas its nothing like XFree86's.

Can anyone offer any advice please? I'd love to get X working so I can use debian as my primary desktop OS, else I'm going to have to stick it under the stairs as a server I think!

Many thanks,


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