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> > Just about any off-the-shelf PCI USB card will work, so long 
> > as it is a
> > OHCI or UHCI based chip(which is like 99% of them out there).
> I was actually thinking more along the lines of *anything* PCI based, i.e.
> sound cards,
Haven't tried but looking at the drivers shouldn't be too difficult -
give it a go.

> graphics cards,
As long as you are not dependant on PC BIOS code to initialise it or the
card has an OpenBoot compatable PROM you should be in business.  I've
got a Matrox Millenium to register but haven't yet tried using the
kernel Mach/framebuffer and X/framebuffer drivers.  At the moment X
drivers seem pretty limited so you're somewhat dependant on the kernel
framebuffer interface.  As far as I can tell / work out - it should
work, and as X gets better video BIOS emulation it should get easier.

> nics,
Recently someone reported getting a 3com card (3c905?) working.

> scsi cards,
Yep.  Got an Adaptec card (2940 IIRC) working very well.

> tv tuners, etc.
Never tried but IIRC the bt drivers appear in the SPARC kernel so it
should work.

Have got HCF modems and ATA controllers to recognise but haven't tested
them properly.

> If the driver source is out there, what's to stop it from running?
1. Some kernel drivers haven't yet been ported to all architectures
(last I looked the only 3rd party SCSI driver in the SPARC kernel was
aic7xxx) and some have been but could do with testing.

2. User space drivers (IE X drivers) may not have been ported.

3. Unless you have the right kind of card and / or hack the card's
firmware you will have problems getting it to interact with OpenBoot. 
IE booting from extra SCSI cards may well be out of the question and
things that require initialisation (graphics cards) may be problematic.

I'd be interested in hearing of any success / failures you ahve.

Good luck,
 - Martin

"Seasons change, things come to pass"

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