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Sun E2 Dual 296mhz SUNW

Sorry to ask a dumb question, but I've googled and glimpsed but I can't seem to get the right keywords to find much in the way of helpful infor.

I am trying to install debian on a Sun E2, its a Dual Processor 296mhz Ultra-II, but I'm having problems. The CD I used debian stable, seems to only be for sparc 32bit machines, so I downloaded the latest sparc boot floppies, but I can't get them to work. I can get the machine to load and execute SILO, but when silo tried to uncompress the kernel it fails with a CRC error. I've used about 5 different, new floppies, but they all die at about the same place. I made the disks in the sunbox, under solaris it can read floppies.

This machine does not have the usual sticker on the bottom with the model archetecture, etc info on it, but when booting solaris kernel it says /boot/SUNW/@sbus..... - From my reading the the ultra "port" only works with Sun4cdm and sun4u. Can I install debian on this box?

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