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Re: error compiling 2.6.5-rc2

[Mustafa Hussein]
> > > /bin/sh: line 1: scripts/bin2c: No such file or directory

> There is a "scripts/bin2c.c" if that what you mean.
> I also removed the CONFIG_IKCONFIG option, now I get another error:
> mustafa@sinnaar:/usr/src/linux$ cat image.err
> /bin/sh: line 1: scripts/conmakehash: No such file or directory

Somehow the stuff in scripts/ is not getting built.  2.6.5-rc2
rearranges the build rules for this, but it certainly looks to me like
it still works.  I don't know that I can debug this, but does 'make
scripts' build these things (bin2c, conmakehash, and other programs)?


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