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Re: PCI USB Cards

On Mon, Mar 15, 2004 at 03:47:11PM -0000, Gary Parker wrote:
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> > Sent: 15 March 2004 15:18
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> > Subject: Re: PCI USB Cards
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> > Just about any off-the-shelf PCI USB card will work, so long 
> > as it is a
> > OHCI or UHCI based chip(which is like 99% of them out there).
> I was actually thinking more along the lines of *anything* PCI based, i.e.
> sound cards, graphics cards, nics, scsi cards, tv tuners, etc.
> If the driver source is out there, what's to stop it from running?

If there driver is present in the kernel, and written properly, it will
work on any system. Most drivers are like this, but some use improper
memory routines (virt_to_bus/bus_to_virt) which need to be changed to
use the proper DMA API.

In general, if you configure the kernel, almost all drivers you see in
the menu are working on the machine you are configuring for.

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